Brian's Welding is a modern 10,000 square foot blacksmith shop, which has been located in downtown San Jose for over 20 years. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Brian's Welding has the ability to create unique metal designs that are custom tailored to each individual customer's needs and expectations.

Our craftsmanship has been featured in Sunset Magazine and for clients such as the DeAnza Hotel, Santana Row, the San Jose Arena, the City of Campbell, DeMattei Construction, Barry Swenson Builders and historic Fox Theater and Towne Theaters in San Jose.

What are your hours? Do you take walk-ins?
Our regular work hours are from 7:00am to 5:30pm Monday-Thursday. We are closed from 12:00-12:30 for lunch. Generally we don’t take walk-ins for new custom work, please call or email to schedule an appointment. If you’ve got a repair you’re more than welcome to bring it in and drop it off with our shop foreman, and we’ll call you when it’s ready to pick up.

Can you fix my broken item?
If it’s made of metal, chances are, yes we can fix your broken item. We can’t fix everything though, and some stuff honestly isn’t worth fixing! We do both in house welding, and mobile welding.

Is the item worth fixing?
More often than not, it's cheaper to fix a single patio chair than it is to replace a whole matching set. If a weld has given out on some of your furniture, you may want to inspect your whole table setting and make sure there aren't other pieces in your collection that are going to need repair in the near future as well. This can help you figure out how much needs to be repaired and gauge how much you're willing to invest on getting the set fixed versus just replacing it. A lot of repair jobs may not consume a lot of material, but take a lot of labor to do the job correctly. It’s just like having your car fixed, the more labor the job takes the more the job costs.

Is the item magnetic?
If the item is magnetic, we can re-weld it. If the item is not magnetic, we'll have to discuss the project more before we accept the repair. Certain metals like aluminum or bronze are "in house only" welding, and other metals like pot metal can't be repaired.

How critical is keeping the original surface finish?
Welding creates a massive amount of heat. Chances are if you've got a super nice paint job on your broken item, we're going to have to burn some of it around the weld location. We offer basic touch up, but we're by no means a paint shop.

Can you bring the item down to our shop?
Bringing your broken item down to the shop can save you money. Any time we have to send a truck out, it costs us money which in turn will cost you money. For a small repair it's always best to try and drop the item off here at our shop and we’ll call you when it’s ready for pickup. Try and give us a ring ahead of time before you stop in, we’re in and out all day and want to make sure someone is here to receive your project!